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It cannot be hidden for this new girl group G-Friend who sat down for an interview for the  very first time ever since debuting, to be nervous, then turned quickly to be comfortable and talkative .  The young group consisting of six members that has average age of 18 were revealed to have undergone their training lessons for at least 1.5 years and almost  5 years not only from their present agency but also from old ones, such as Cube, CJ, Loen, and DSP!

Yerin said, “It hasn’t hit me yet that we debuted.  We don’t have a cell phone or laptop, so we don’t go on the internet much.  Once in a while, we go on a company computer to look at music sites, and we wondered if the G-Friend that would rank [on the music site] was really us.  Everything is still very fascinating.”

Umji said, “When we were doing the pre-recording for a music show, our fans came for which I was very grateful.  There are no chances for me to express my gratitude except to write on the fan cafe and wave my hands in the car when we’re going somewhere.  I want to quickly and intimately greet my fans and share things with them through a fan meeting or fan signing event.  And whenever I see the fans, I think I need to work harder.

People can’t stop  being  reminded of Girls’ Generation from the get-go, Sowon and Umji said, “When we first heard the guide for the song ‘Glass Bead,’ we felt the 90’s girl group vibe rather than that of a Girls’ Generation song.  We think that showing the image of girls who are young but overflowing with health and vigor is something we can only do at this age.  We wanted to show our energetic and playful side in school, so we tried our best, but it appears to have come off similarly [to Girls’ Generation].  Anyways, we are of course grateful that people thought of Girls’ Generation when they saw us.  We think it also makes us feel more responsible to work harder.”

They also shared that they had a strict diet while they were trainees, even though they were the types not  to gain weight.  Expressing their experiences, they ate mostly salads as rice was not allowed,  for them to maintain their figures.

Let’s highly welcome the new group  with excitement and fun.