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YG Entertainment plans to debut a new girl group for this summer.

A representative from YG Entertainment confirms it to Korean media outlet Star News. “The new girl group from YG aims to debut this summer. All the members are very talented and they have all trained for a minimum of three years,” reveals the YG representative.

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The representative also added, “Since Yang Hyun Suk is known to be a perfectionist whenever it comes to music, he checks on the group’s progress regularly. Their debut plans might change, but currently it is most likely that they would debut this summer. CEO Yang also aims that the girl group would win the best female artist award along with iKON as the best male artist award at the end of year award ceremonies.”

The representative has also stressed that YG’s new girl group would be different from the other girl groups.

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Meanwhile, YG trainee Kim Jenny, who also appeared in G-Dragon’s “That XX” MV, as well as Kim Ji Soo are confirmed to be part of the said new girl group from YG.

The year will be filled with comebacks and debuts from YG artists. With BIGBANG releasing a new song every month till September, iKON’s debut before Winner’s comeback, CL’s solo debut in America, and comebacks from Lee Hi, Epik High and Akdong Musician.

Stay tuned for more updates on YG’s new girl group!