Home » Netizens who made malicious comments against Super Junior’s Leeteuk were revealed to be arrested

It has been revealed that netizens who have made malicious comments against Super Junior leader Leeteuk were arrested by the police. The idol has decided to take legal actions against malicious commenters against him and his family.

Previously, Leeteuk has asked his fans to help him collect evidence against the malicious netizens last April of this year. He posted on his Twitter account, “I am collecting evidence. I am collecting everything on the internet, from circulation of false information, malicious rumors and most especially, malicious comments against my family. I would be thankful if you could be able to find posts, username and screenshots for me. Please send them to [email protected].”

On August 13, Leeteuk then posts an update regarding the status of his lawsuit against the malicious netizens. “Thanks to everybody’s help, the investigations are now coming to an end. The police are messaging me that they have caught a few culprits. If ever these problems would come again, I plan to make the same action.”

“I have never gone against the law and I am working hard and just living life. However these malicious comments are everywhere this is why I have decided to not stop, instead pursue them even harder,” Leeteuk adds.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation’s leader Taeyeon has also asked her fans to help her collect evidence against malicious netizens as she also plans to take legal action against them. Her fans have also revealed that they were able to collect over 1.42GB of evidence against the malicious commenters.