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Netizens question the school history of Girl’s Day member Sojin following her appearance on “Problematic Men.”

In Sojin’s guesting in the tvN talk show “Problematic Men”, she shared her experiences in college, her dreams of becoming a doctor, as well as her above average grades. After this, the netizens have uncovered articles regarding Sojin’s early admission in the first semesters for Chung-Ang University, Hanyang University, and Kyungpook National University. Back then, Sojin had also received an offer to join an entertainment label, so she decided to delay her enrollment to pursue a music career. When the entertainment company got bankrupt, Sojin got accepted to Yeungnam University.

Netizens start to doubt Sojin’s acceptance into the universities and claim that it was not possible to apply for another university after being admitted to early admission in the same year. Moreover, netizens claim that Kyungpook University did not have a first semester in the year that she applied for early admission.

With regards to this issue, Sojin’s side reveals, “In 2004, Sojin was accepted into Yeungnam University’s second semester while she was in her third year of high school. She enrolled in a mechanical engineering course at Yeungnam University after receiving a scholarship.”

Her side also adds, “We are aware of the controversy. However, we have never said that Sojin got accepted for the first semester. It is just a misunderstanding. What is certain is that Sojin enrolled in the university during its second semester.”


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