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Music Bank” gets a lot of criticisms after controversial episode.

On the recent broadcast of KBS’ chart show “Music Bank,” a lot of netizens question the ranking system of the show and AOA’s first place spot for their recent comeback “Good Luck” while TWICE got the second place with only a 7 points difference.

The controversy started when Jessica Jung got the first place in albums with 37,700 copies sold while AOA came in second with 20,990 copies and MONSTA X with 19,570 copies sold.

Although Jessica’s album sales were almost double than that of AOA, her aggregate score only had a 300-point difference from AOA. Jessica had a total of 1,900 points while AOA had 1,600. Meanwhile, MONSTA X who had close album sales with AOA only scored 900 points.

AOA vs TWICE Music Bank

As a result, netizens believe that the points were calculated unfairly just to make AOA win and that TWICE should have won instead. Some have also thought that AOA should have gotten the score of 1,060 points for their album sales, instead of the 1,600 point and that it was unfair for the part of TWICE, Jessica, and MONSTA X. Netizens also call for an explanation of the ranking system of “Music Bank.”

“Music Bank” has yet to comment on the criticisms and accusations of the unfair ranking system.

Meanwhile, their recent “Music Bank” win has earned AOA their second trophy for “Good Luck” since their win from SBS MTV’s “The Show.”

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