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A netizen who posted a photo of EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal, on a date in an escape room café, apologizes.

After illegally spreading a photo of Kai and Krystal’s date from an ‘escape the room’ themed café, a group of Kai’s fans track down the netizen.

Kai and Krystal 2

Following this, the netizen who posted the photo writes on Twitter:

“I am writing to say sorry to Kai and his fans who must have been hurt after seeing the CCTV screen capture of his private life which I illegally released.

Posting the photo was a malicious violation of laws protecting personal information, and I have damaged his reputation. Because of this, I feel very apologetic towards Kai.

I posted the photo and knew that it would spread quickly. I am very embarrassed and ashamed. I posted it on Twitter since I thought that I would not be caught. However, I was too complacent. I know now that it is wrong to spread things on Twitter.

Seeing how much the photo of Kai and Krystal had spread, I became really scared and deleted the tweet and account. I got terrified after seeing that Kai’s fans were looking for my account information, and I debated whether or not I should turn myself in.”

The netizen then writes, “I will accept any criticism and punishment.”

Meanwhile, a group of Kai’s fans revealed that they would be taking legal action after consulting with a lawyer and have thanked everyone who helped them finding the said netizen.


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