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SM Entertainment’s rookie group NCT U reveals their thoughts on their debut.

Following their debut stage on KBS music variety show “Music Bank” with the tracks, “The 7th Sense” and “Without You,” the members reveal their thoughts on their debut by saying, “We were really nervous since it was our first performance. However, we are excited and look forward showing what we have prepared. We still need more practice, but we gave our best.”

They also reveal, “Our debut feels unreal. We think that once we have become more close to our fans and feel our popularity, then it would feel more like it.”

Jaehyun, Taeyong and Daeyong who were members of the SM Entertainment pre-debut group SM Rookies reveal, “We think that we would have been even more nervous if it really was the first time for us. We have tried to be more relaxed by thinking about our time with the SM Rookies.”

With regards to their unique group format, NCT U reveals, “The greatest quality of NCT is that there is no limit to the total number of members and we could be open to broad possibilities. Exactly how many members which form the group is not really an essential factor.”

Meanwhile, NCT is a boy group which would be debuting different teams or sub-units based on different countries around the world. Their first sub-unit is NCT U.

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