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After School member Nana talks about her bisexual role and the response to her acting for the tvN drama “The Good Wife,” which is the Korean remake of the American series of the same name. She has recently gained praises from viewers for her role in the drama.

During the press conference of the show, Nana reveals, “This has been the first time that I am receiving such good comments and reactions throughout my career. To be honest, I am surprised.”


She also shares, “On one hand, I thought that I should be more modest. But on the other, I thought that I should be more confident. I will work hard until the end.”

When asked about the secret behind her acting for the role of Kim Dan, Nana explains, “It is because of the staff’s creation of a cool original character who brings out the outspokenness in me.”

The After School member also adds, “I also received lots of help about the details, such as making eye contact.”

Nana also shares her thoughts on her character by saying, “I knew from the start that the character I would be playing is bisexual, and it did not burden me at all. I really thought that it would be more refreshing since there has been no role like this in Korean dramas before.”

Meanwhile, the drama “The Good Wife” airs every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST.

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