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Music program “Music Bank” takes back AOA’s win on the previous controversial episode and announces TWICE as the real winner.

With regards to the criticisms which “Music Bank” received for their questionable ranking system, “Music Bank” addresses the issue by posting through their official page:

“We are writing to announce that there was a mistake in the calculation of the ranking for the May 27th episode of the program. This means that TWICE is #1 for the last week, while AOA was #2.

The ‘K-Chart’ ranking is calculated by digital sales (65%) + broadcast score (20%) + viewer votes (10%) + album sales (5%). To keep the fairness, the KBS Broadcast Research Institute (BRI) calculates the score.

There was an error in calculating the album sales. We calculate the Hanteo weekly chart and the Synnara Media/Hottracks weekly sales. BRI confirmed that there was an error in adding the numbers when they did a re-check.

We are now announcing that the ‘K-Chart’ has been re-checked.

We deeply apologize for worrying the viewers who love ‘Music Bank.’ We will do our best to make sure that this incident would not happen again.

Music Bank statement

With regards to the trophy for the number one spot, the program’s PD explains, “We will not be giving AOA’s trophy to TWICE. Instead, a new trophy would be given to TWICE. The important thing is not the trophy. What matters most is comforting the hearts of AOA and TWICE, who were affected in this matter.”


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