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Actress Mori U reveals her honest thoughts about being known as BIGBANG’s T.O.P’s cousin.

On her photo shoot and interview with International bnt, Mori U talks about her recent acting project and cousin, T.O.P.

When asked about which project was the closest to her heart, Mori U reveals, “The drama ‘Beautiful Mind’ remains as my biggest memory as well as a gift. It helped me anticipate my future projects even more.”

She also adds, Jang Hyuk gave me lots of advice on proper emotions and acting. He is truly a mood maker. He brightens up the set, and he is amusing.”

The actress also reveals her thoughts on being viewed as T.O.P’s cousin by saying, “I learned about the articles from my friend. I was always worried that they would be released. However, when the reports got out, I felt uncomfortable. From now on, I will show everyone a better and improved side of myself.”

Mori U also reveals that acting became her main source of happiness by saying, “If I did something other than acting, then I would not be as happy or be able to enjoy. I will be showing a better side of me as an actress. I hope that you would all look forward to it. I want to become a friendly actress that is always by your side.”

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