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MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul reveals her dieting methods to fans and how she lost 10 kilograms.

On the recent “V” app broadcast of Solar and Moonbyul that about what they do in order to lose weight.

When one viewer asks, “What method of dieting is effective?”

Solar then responds, “I would like to know that as well. I need to go on a diet since I recently gained a lot of weight. However, it has been really hard.”

Moonbyul then shares, “I have lost 10 kilograms. There is a way, and it is not to leave the house. You should not meet your friends since they will ask, ‘Want to go to a café?’ or ‘Want to watch a movie?’ I stay at home and put myself on a strict diet.”

Solar then asks, “But what if you lose all your friends?” Moonbyul then replies with aegyo, “Well, I have you, Yong Sun. You are going to play with me.”

With regards to her strict diet methods, Moonbyul reveals, “I made sure to eat sweet potato with all the three meals as part of my diet.”

She further explains, “During the morning, I eat two sweet potatoes and have one cup of milk. For lunch time, I have a diet cereal, a sweet potato, and egg. As for dinner, I would eat two sweet potatoes or so.”

Moonbyul then adds, “I also dance. Even though it is the summer season, I would wear clothes that would make me feel hot and practice dancing.”


What are your thoughts on Moonbyul’s dieting methods?