Home » Moon Geun Young addresses her ‘gift controversy’

On December 7, Moon Geun Young reveals in an interview, “I think that my Instagram is a place where I can communicate with my fans.”

Previously, the actress was caught up in a ‘gift controversy’ following her Instagram post saying, “If you are going to send gifts, do it well, properly.”

At that time, Moon Geun Young’s fans have interpreted it to be a sign of their closeness, however, the people who did not know of Moon Geun Young’s relationship with her fans have criticized her for being rude.

The actress then addresses the issue by saying, “Before, I had a philosophy that I would not accept gifts from fans. But, my fans said that they still want to send me gifts. So that post meant, ‘Then do as you like.’ I stay close with my fans, so I have expressed that comfortably, however, people who did not know the whole story thought that I was forcing my fans to give me gifts.”

Moon Geun Young also reveals, “I wondered what my social media account was for. I used to think that social media was a place to write my thoughts, however, I realized that since there are people reading those, the posts could be twisted and the wrong message would be received.”

“I started Instagram since I heard that it was a place for only photos. I don’t care if I get swept up in controversy. I want to talk to my fans honestly,” she adds.


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