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Model Kim Jin Kyung has been under fire for allegedly being rude to 2NE1 leader CL during the recent episode of MBC’s show “My Little Television”.

On the recent episode Kim Jin Kyung has been invited to come to show by designer Hwang Jae Geun.

The fans and viewers of the show have expressed their disappointment over the model’s reaction when Hwang Jae Geun had told her, “I heard some people say that Jin Kyung looks like CL.” To this, Kim Jin Kyung then drops the glue gun she was holding as protested, “Ahh. Why are you doing this?”

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Afterwards, when she realized how she had reacted, she immediately covered her mouth and said, “No, I mean I really like her! I really do like CL, but on Instagram, I get a lot of comments saying that I look like CL.”

Then she adds, “It isn’t like that, I really do like her, I am a fan of 2NE1.”

Although the two celebrities were joking around and that Kim Jin Kyung had clarified that she likes CL and is a fan of 2NE1, some fans were not pleased with her initial reaction like she felt insulted when Hwang Jae Geun told her that she looks like CL.

Netizens also left hateful remarks on Kim Jin Kyung’s Instagram account for allegedly being rude and have asked her to apologize for what she has done.

Check out the clip below!

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