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miss A member Fei talks about her acting debut and aspirations on recent interview and pictorial with Marie Claire.

The miss A member would be making her acting debut in a Korean and Chinese web drama “Swan”. She would be playing a role as an intern in a plastic surgery clinic.

In the interview, she was asked whether she is trying to change anything about herself. Fei then reveals, “I am usually very shy, so I am trying to be more bold. In acting, you would have to be able to suddenly say, ‘I love you’. With my old personality, it would have been impossible. I also try to greet the staff members since they move around for actors. I think that I should talk to them first to make them feel more comfortable.”

Fei Marie claire

When asked if they was anything she wanted to try besides acting, she reveals, “Business! My dream is to become a boss.” “I don’t have specific business ideas yet, but I would like to try it before I die,” she adds.

Finally, Fei was asked if she had any regrets for not being able to do something. She responds, “I wish we can do more promotions as miss A. We usually release one album in a year. I am quite sad about it. Think that I shine the most when I am on stage as a miss A member. If there is no Miss A, there would be no Fei. I also want to release a solo album someday. I have not yet made any plans about it, but I would like to do jazz music.”