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WINNER’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby talk about their sub-unit and thank BIGBANG’s G-Dragon for his advice.

During an interview, Mino reveals, G-Dragon listened to our songs and gave us some feedback. Using GD&TOP as an example, he told us how important it is for Bobby and me to build up our chemistry throughout the songs. He also talked about how we needed to work out together on what parts to emphasize and where to take it easy. We are so thankful for his advice, and it was a lot of help for us.”

As to their chemistry as a sub-unit, Bobby shares, “We are really close. There is a goal which we are both working towards, which is why we have a great sense of teamwork.”

With regards to performing together for the first time through the SBS music show, “Inkigayo,” Mino shares, “Whenever I think about performing in front of our fans with the music that we prepared, I feel good and excited. I am going to work really hard. Even after this, I have prepared different kinds of music as well as a variety of stages. I am continuously practicing.”

Bobby also shares, “Instead of returning as iKON and WINNER, we have returned as a sub-unit. If feel good since I am able to show the music that I have always wanted to do and a new image. My fans have been really supporting, so I won’t disappoint them. This is just the start. I hope that everyone will not see this as just a one shot, but as a continuous project.”

Mino and Bobby has teamed up for the sub-unit MOBB and released their new tracks, “Hit Me” and “Full House.”

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