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SONAMOO member Minjae reveals her thoughts after getting recognition as a singer on JTBC’s “Girl Spirit.”

On the recent broadcast of the JTBC competition, “Girl Spirit,” SONAMOO member Minjae took home the first place after her performance of the Maya song “Shout of Myself.”

Following her win, Minjae sat down for an interview where she reveals her thoughts about being recognized.

She says, “There were a lot of other talented performers, and I have never dreamed of being first.”

Minjae also reveals, “I was really surprised and happy. The fact that I could get the No.1 spot at something because of my voice was such an honor.”

With regards to the song “Shout of Myself,” she shares, “The lyrics of the song gave me lots of comfort back when I was still a trainee. I really wanted to focus on conveying the meaning of the song, and I am so happy that I got a good result.”

With regards to her co-members, she says, “We joke around that it would be great if even one of us would become famous. I was nervous since I have not stood on stage alone for a long time. However, both my co-members and my agency, TS Entertainment, supported me a lot. My seniors Secret and B.A.P supported me as well.”

Minjae also reveals her thoughts on seeing her solo track on digital music charts by saying, “Each time we have an album, I have always thought that it was amazing to see our songs on the charts. However, now it is my solo song! I think that I should be more careful in the future to make up for the parts which I am lacking.”