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SHINee member Minho talks about the criticisms for his acting.

On the idol’s recent interview in promotions for his new film, “Two Men,” he shared, “Instead of were not, I did a lot of thinking on my own.”

Minho added, “I like films and plays, so I really thought a lot about them. I dug deep as to why seniors do so well and stuff like that. As I worried over the subject, I would revise it again. That is why I have lots of thoughts on how to act well. I have also thought about the difference between my seniors and me. As I was asking myself these questions, I came to understand where the problem lies. I thought to myself, ‘These are the things that I should supplement myself with,’ and I adjusted.”

With regards to the criticisms on his acting, Minho opened up by saying, “Even in my point of view, I think that I deserved that criticism. I struggled with my first lead role in ‘To the Beautiful You.’ However, looking back, it is because of the past that I have confidence now. I definitely do not consider it a taint in my life.”

“If I was not at that age, I would not have expressed that character well either. I think that the clumsiness of my acting worked well for that character. If I had only known myself better and understood acting more, I might have done better. I feel regretful that I have ruined the drama,” he continued.

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