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Girl’s Day member Minah reveals which rookie girl group caught her eye.

On Minah’s recent interview after wrapping up her drama “Beautiful Gong Shim,” she sat down with reporters and revealed which rookie girl groups caught her eye.

When asked about her thoughts about the girl groups who have debuted in the music industry, Minah responds, “First of all, it is nice to see how hard working they are.”

She also says, “Whenever I see them, I think to myself, ‘We were like that back then as well.’ Of course, Girl’s Day has worked hard, but there is something different about a rookie girl group and a girl group that has been around in the industry for seven years.”

Minah further explains, “Different from the rookie groups who just work while looking straight ahead, I think that we have developed our own tricks of the trade.”

When she was then asked as to which rookie girl groups have caught her eye, Minah reveals, “There are a lot of groups who are pretty and are doing well. However, the ones who have really caught my eye are TWICE and I.O.I. There was also a time when our comeback promotions overlapped with LABOUM and I thought that they had reminded me a lot of Girl’s Day before.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Girl’s Day would be making their comeback this fall. The group’s latest release was the track “Ring My Bell” from their second full-length album “Love.”


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