Home » Mina talks about her TWICE co-members and reveals who she would date if she were a guy

TWICE member Mina shares the first impressions of her co-members of her and who she would date if she was a guy on Mina’s solo “V” app broadcast titled, “Black Swan Mina Minari’s Interview.”

During the show, Mina shares, Jihyo said that since I did ballet, she would get a bit scared of me when I would stand up straight and look at her.”

She also adds, Nayeon did not know that I was Japanese. She thought that I looked like someone who could speak English and that I am from overseas.”

The TWICE member then shares, “Since I do not really talk a lot, my outer image is like that. I think that I would be scared too [if I were them].”

When asked about how she became a singer, Mina answers, “At the start, it was just a hobby. However, when I attended a dance academy and stood on stage, I thought that it was fun. And so, when a casting opportunity came along, I auditioned since I did not want to lose that chance.”

Mina also reveals that if she was a guy, she would date co-member Jungyeon. She explains, “She takes really good care of me. Jungyeon cleans up after me and reminds me of what I need to do for that day. She also has a surprising amount of aegyo. If I were a guy, I would want to date Jungyeon.”

The TWICE member also reveals that she loves the concepts of Wonder GirlsSunmi on her songs, “24 Hours” and “Full Moon.” Mina also shares that she would like to do a similar concept in the future.