Home » Member of a Teen idol allegedly rape a woman in her 20’s

From the recent news covered by YTN News, a  member of teen idol was recently sued for raping a woman who is at her 20’s, five years older than him.

Last November 26 during an acquaintance gathering,  idol star first met B  and two days after, they met again at her house where A raped her, according to YTN News. B went on claiming that A attempted to rape her again after coming to her house to ask for an apology for what he had done  six days later.

B even stated  that she had received a text message from A’s father who threatened her to settle the situation once and for all or he would turn her into the police for libel. 

When the news was published , A’s agency denied the allegations and told that the story was one-sided only and there’s no ground for any case that may be pressed on him. A representative of the agency told YTN News, “We are under false accusation. She’s saying that she was raped when it didn’t happen.” 

The police stated that B stopped giving her  any statement on the case and they will soon summon A and question him regarding the claims made against him. 

There was no dropping  of names who that teen idol is, but  a blurred footage of the group was shown on the report that resembled the footage that rookie idol group ZEST recently released in celebration of Independence Movement Day on March 1.