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Young rapper MC GREE talks about the public image of his father, comedian and host Kim Gura.

On recent broadcast on JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit,” MC GREE appeared as a special guest. During the previous episode, his father appeared as a guest and suggested a debate topic, “Am I abnormal for letting my son do whatever he wants?”

In response to this, MC GREE reveals, “I actually make my own money and do other duties as his child.”

He then adds, “My father’s public image was no that great. However, with my cuteness when I was younger, I think that I was able to improve his image. I contribute 30% of his success.”

Host Jun Hyun Moo then asks him if having a famous father became a stress factor for him or not, to this MC GREE shares, “Now, I know how I am supposed to behave so the pressure is not as bad as it used to be. However, I am worried about making mistakes since I do not want it to affect my dad negatively. It is also worse since I am also in the entertainment industry. Just like earlier, when we were talking about alcohol, I was careful about making comments.”

The rapper also shares what his dad makes him do which he does not like, by saying, “I really do not like it when he asks me to do freestyle rap. It is usually not good when I have to do it on air live. I feel so embarrassed thinking about later.”