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MBLAQ member Seungho allegedly beaten by a former employee of his management agency.

It has been reported that Seoul’s Gangnam Police Department has called Seungho and the J.Tune Camp employee “A” for questioning after the alleged physical assault on the MBLAQ member.

“A” was said to have beaten Seungho while drinking together in a bar. The alleged beating happened at around 3:10 AM in a bar around SinsaDong on September 11. Seungho had called the police and reported to them that he was “struck in the head with a glass” and have cuts around his ear.

During the investigations, Seungho then confessed that he was slapped by “A” instead. Meanwhile, “A” had confessed that he hit the MBLAQ member for being rude when they were drinking together.

J.Tune Camp has then released a statement regarding the issue through a representative, saying, “Currently, we are looking into the matter. We would be consulting with Seungho directly in order to find out what really happened.”

Later, the agency then releases an update regarding the case, they reveal that “A” was no longer an employee of the agency and that he had left the company two years ago. They further reveal that “A” and Seungho met last September 10 for a drink with other acquaintances. It was then that they had a misunderstanding.

The police then reports that Seungho does not want to press charges against “A”, and that although he called them at the time of the incident, it seems that he has changed his mind and does not want to file a case.


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