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Male ballad singers revealed to be kicking off this autumn’s music scene.

In the summer season, comebacks from powerful girl groups have topped the charts. Senior groups such as Girl’s Generation, SISTAR, AOA, A Pink, Girl’s Day, Nine Muses as well as rookie groups such as MAMAMOO, April and GFRIEND have battled it out in the “summer of girl groups.”

As the autumn season comes, comebacks from different ballad singers are expected since it is the trend for the season. It is said that comebacks from male ballad groups and soloists would be featured for the next season.

Veteran singer Lim Chang Jung started with his release of his first mini-album with the title song “Love Again.” Another veteran singer Im Jae Bum, has released his duet with Girl’s Generation leader TaeyeonScars Deeper Than Love”.

Male duo Fly to the Sky have also made their comeback with their mini-album “Love and Hate” having two lead tracks “If I Have to Hate You” and “It Happens to Be That Way.”


Another male duo, Homme have also released their new track “Don’t Cry,” and would be making their concert ‘HOMMEXIT’ on October 9 to 11.

Meanwhile, soloists Shin Seung Hoon, Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Junsu of JYJ are also scheduled to make their comeback this season.

Stay tuned for more artists who would be making their comebacks this fall!


Are your favorite ballad singers making their comeback this season? Which comebacks are you most looking forward to?

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