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MADTOWN member Jota talks about his “We Got Married” wife, model Kim Jin Kyung.

On a recent interview, Jota talks about his career in variety by saying, “If MADTOWN is a rainbow, I think that I am the color red which stands out at the front. As the group’s representative, I am on variety shows a lot. I hope to let people know about MADTOWN through variety.”

With regards to his appearance on “We Got Married,” Jota reveals, “I did not even think that I would make it on the show. When they asked me about dating experience, I could only say that I did not have much. I waited for a week. However, there was no reply, so I thought that I was already dropped.”

When the MADTOWN member was asked about his first impression of Kim Jin Kyung, he reveals, “I did not really have any. But, I was surprised to hear that she is a model and that it was Kim Jin Kyung.”

He also adds, “I usually could not talk to women very well. There are a lot of older guys around me, so I am uncomfortable and unfamiliar when dealing with girls and younger guys. My image in ‘We Got Married’ is how I really am.”

When asked if he would date Kim Jin Kyung in real life, Jota responds, “No comment. That’s a really sensitive question.”

With regards to ideal type, he then reveals, “I would have to say Kim Jin Kyung, right? To be honest, the PD did a great job at matching us. I have always liked tall and stylish women like Jin Kyung and charming people with monolids.”