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Luhan disappointedly spoke up on his feelings towards his and Kris‘ appearance on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala being cancelled.

He wrote on Weibo stating that, “I was very happy to stand at least on the rehearsal stage for the gala. It’s true that I was disappointed that I couldn’t perform in the end. I feel like I’ve just troubled everyone.


He  also added, “I’m thankful for everything I went through in the past as well as the things I will be going through in the future. I’ll work even harder from now on. I believe our future will be brighter. Watch the ‘Spring Festival Gala’ during the Lunar New Year with your family.“Originally,Kris and Luhan were to perform together  on stage at the ‘Spring Festival Gala’ and had practiced 4 times. However, CCTV made a decision to canceled Kris and Luhan’s performance on the 14th. Rumors from many  Chinese came about  that it was because Luhan and Kris’ arguments with SM Entertainment became worst, and that CCTV felt a great of  responsibility if they would  allow  Luhan and Kris performed.