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Super Junior leader Leeteuk jokes that he wants Siwon’s drama “She Was Pretty” to end quickly.

On the launching show for the new season of “I Can See Your Voice” on October 22 held at AW Convention Center, the Super Junior leader jokes that he wants Siwon’s recent drama “She Was Pretty” to end soon.

Leeteuk reveals that Siwon has gotten more popular these days. “I realized that Siwon is doing really well when he released his song ‘Only You’. He is doing ecen better on the realtime charts compared to Kyuhyun who has recently released a solo album. That was when I realized that he is really popular,” he reveals.

The leader continues, “Personally I am really happy that Siwon is receiving lots of love because of his recent drama. However there is one thing that I am really worried about, the time slot for ‘I Can See Your Voice’ overlaps with ‘She Was Pretty’. It would have been okay if the drama was not so popular, however, ‘She Was Pretty’ has nearly 20% in the viewership ratings.”

He then adds, “I hope that the characters would quickly progress with their love so that the drama would end. An early conclusion would be difficult however I wish the drama would quickly end with a happy ending. These days many people would watch dramas all at once so they can just re-watch ‘She Was Pretty’. However, I hope that they watch the original airing of ‘I Can See Your Voice.’”

Leeteuk then adds, “Siwon, I love you.


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