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Actress Lee Tae Im revealed to be confirmed for a role on “You’ll Love Me”.

It has been previously revealed that Lee Tae Im is considering the role on the upcoming cable drama. And entertainment insider then reveals that the actress has been confirmed for the role. “She would be signing the contract for the drama on August 10 at the afternoon. The first script reading would be on August 16,” the insider reveals.

The upcoming drama “You’ll Love Me” is about a woman who pretends to be a man which then becomes a dating expert on social media. Lee Tae Im would be playing the role of a woman who changes a man who has not experienced dating before into an amazing man.

The drama would be Lee Tae Im’s comeback drama after previously being in a cursing controversy with former Jewelry member Yewon on the set of the drama “Tutoring Across Generations” last March.


Initially, it has been revealed that the actress cursed at Yewon. The controversy made Lee Tae Im leave the drama and dropping out of the drama “My Heart Twinkle Twinkles” citing health concern as the reason for leaving the drama.

A video clip was leaked showing their argument, in the clip, Lee Tae Im became upset and cursed after Yewon spoke informally to her.

Later Lee Tae Im issued an apology to Yewon and the later wrote a letter of apology to Lee Tae Im as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming drama!