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Actor Lee Seo Jin recently reveals that Lee Seung Gi’s current favorite girl group is none other than TWICE!

On the recent broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the actor appeared as a special guest.

When asked about his close friend actor and singer Lee Seung Gi who is currently serving in the military, Lee Seo Jin reveals, “I have not been able to go to him after he entered the military because of my filming schedule.”

The actor then reveals that Lee Seung Gi has recently contacted him by saying, “He told me that he likes TWICE. He also told me that he now gets why people like girl groups once they become soldiers.”

Lee Seo Jin also adds, “I called Taecyeon and asked him to give me a video and a signed album from TWICE. When I received them from Taecyeon, I sent them over to Lee Seung Gi. One of the TWICE members sent him a video message saying, ‘Seung Gi oppa, good luck with your military service!’”

He also jokes, “Lee Seung Gi now starts his day by watching that video.”

Meanwhile, actor Lee Seo Jin starred in the recently ended MBC drama “Marriage Contract” alongside After School’s Uee.

Lee Seung Gi, on the other hand, started his mandatory military service in February this year. He is expected to return to his civilian life by October 31, 2017.


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