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Co-stars Lee Soo Jin and UEE talk about their age gap for their upcoming drama “Marriage Contract,” on their recent press conference.

On March 3, a press conference was held for MBC’s new drama “Marriage Contract.”

In the upcoming drama, actor Lee Soo Jin and After School member UEE would be acting as a couple. Regarding their 17 years age gap, Lee Soo Jin comments, “Age is not an issue. UEE is young and she works hard in order to improve her acting skills. We are learning to work well together as a pair. The work atmosphere is great on set.”

UEE also comments, “When Lee Seo Jin was casted, I was the second to be casted and I was really happy. I often ask the director lots of questions. Seo Jin also helps me a lot and gives me advices. I am very satisfied with working conditions on the set.”

Lee Soo Jin and UEE

Meanwhile, the upcoming drama is about the story of Han Ji Hoon (played by Lee Seo Jin) who is wealthy and arrogant man and Kang Hye Soo (played by UEE) who is a struggling single mother. The two have a dramatic first meeting and they later learn the true meaning of love.

The upcoming drama “Marriage Contract” would be making its premiere on March 5 at 10pm KST.

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