Home » Lee Min Ho sues a company for using his name and photo in their product without permission

It has been reported that actor Lee Min Ho took legal actions against a company for using his name for their product without any permission.

An entertainment insider reveals that on June 5, Lee Min Ho has filed a case against the sale of the productLee Min Ho Mayu Pack’ for using his name and photo. The said that the product is not only sold in Korea, it is being exported overseas as well.

On June 10, the actor’s agency Starhaus has confirmed the news, “It is true that we have made a request to stop the sale of the said product.”

The agency representative also reveals, “We have confirmed that there was a face mask which is called as the ‘Lee Min Ho Mayu Pack’ in which it has Lee Min Ho’s face on it. Currently the product is being sold in the market and it has been having good response in China. The manufacturing company may have seemed to have attracted investors and made contracts with them.”


“But there is the fact that they have violated the portrait rights of Lee Min Ho. We have already filed for an injunction to be able to prevent any secondary damages in investment,” the representative adds.

It has also been reported that the production company of Lee Min Ho’s previous drama “Faith” had allowed manufacturers of the said face mask to use the photo of the actor from the said drama in selling the product. However, the manufacturing company has not received any permission from the actor nor from his company.