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Actor/Comedian Lee Kwang Soo who has been a member of the variety show Running Man for the past 4 years, nicknamed as Kwangvatar and has always been teased by other Running Man members that he looks like he’s from the hit Hollywood film “Avatar”. On Sept. 29,2014 he was spotted filming with a Kwang(soo) + Ava(tar) = Kwangvatar look (He was dressed in a blue painted costume with fake abs, tied hair plus face painted to portray the perfect look) waiting on a bus stop.

This was shot by a netizen(@hgaaaaaa_) and was uploaded on her Instagram account.

Yes, this time it’s not animated/computer graphics by the Running Man staff but it’s now for real! Real meaning on a full costume/cosplay! Hinting viewers/avid fans on what to expect on their upcoming episode. Lee Kwang Soo also uploaded it on his SNS with keywords “Running Man” filming and #kwangvatar. What do you think about this look? And what/who do you think he is waiting for? For sure fans are anticipating this episode and what would the other members portray in this episode? Any guess? What do you think will be the concept for this episode?


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