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Comedian and actor Lee Jung Soo under fire for making inappropriate jokes about his daughter.

He writes, “I was worried after seeing Liye sleep on her front, she might live with no self-confidence in the future. While at the ball pool café today, I put in some self-confidence for her. Liye-ya, are you grateful?!!!”

Lee Jung Soo 3

In another post, he writes, “Liye still sleeps on the cold floor like that. Even while sleeping in her room, she sleeps like this. When I think about it, she always sleeps on her front on the hard floor. I wonder… will that make her chest flat later on? It makes me worried. She is a girl, after all… I want for her to grow with self-confidence.”

Lee Jung Soo 4After seeing his posts, netizens commented that his jokes were inappropriate. Others also got offended with Lee Jung Soo’s notion that girls need to have huge proportions to live confidently.

With regards to the criticisms, Lee Jung Soo reveals, “The joke that I made with Liye has unintentionally become controversial. First of all, I would like to apologize. Since there are people who got upset over the joke, I feel that I need to apologize. People who already know how I act, think and live my life know that I try my best to become a good husband and father. This situation has become a big surprise to me. I will be more careful and used discretion to avoid making inappropriate jokes in the future. I apologize to those I have upset.”