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Actor Lee Jin Wook revealed to be cleared of sexual assault accusations by “A.”

It has been revealed that Lee Jin Wook has been freed from the accusation and that “A” is currently under investigation for slander.

Lee Jin Wook’s side then releases an official statement about the issue by saying:

“We sincerely thank everybody who has believed in Lee Jin Wook to the very end. He would now be returning to his life and will be doing his best as an actor.

During the duration of the case, we could not help but have horrible feelings while watching and listening to the lies of the accuser getting reported to news sites while Lee Jin Wook’s truth was being buried. But, we did the best that we can to avoid taking action through media and have waited for the results of the police investigations instead.

We have proved through this police investigation that truth will always prevail over lies.

As what Lee Jin Wook said during his questioning, slander is a serious crime. It could ruin a person’s life, most especially to a celebrity like Lee Jin Wook. It also leaves a permanent scar. And so, there must be due process.

Again, we would like to bow our heads in gratitude and apology to all of the fans who stood by by Lee Jin Wook’s side in difficult times. He will pour his efforts into becoming a great actor and would repay all the love and support of fans with great projects.”