Home » Lee Hyori warns Jeju Island tourists from visiting her home

It seems that the tourists in Jeju Island has been bustling the house of Lee Hyori which made her write another warning.

When the star moved to jeju Island after her marriage with Lee Sang Soon in 2013, her house has become a tourist attraction since then. Lee Hyori has previously warned the tourists that her house in not a tourist attraction.


However, it seems that some tourists are still bustling in her home as Lee Hyori gives out another warning.

On June 15, the star wrote in her Facebook page, “To all the visitors of Jeju Islnd, I am very sorry but my house is not a tourist spot. It has been stressing us out that our doorbell continues to ring from morning till night and the alarm has been going off severely. Although you are curious, I hope that you would understand. Please note that our home is not visible because of a large tree that covers it. You will be coming in for no reason. I will post some pictures so you would not be disappointed.”

Lee Hyori went to New York in early February and returned in Korea after three months. Since then she has not been active in her SNS accounts.

She has deleted her personal Twitter account and she also deactivated her personal blog keeping her word that she will only run it for one year. The phone numbers with her husband Lee Sang Soon has also been changed.

Check out Lee Hyori’s post below!