Home » Lee Hyori denies reports that she would be putting her house on Jeju Island for sale

After Lee Hyori has once again sent out a warning against the tourists of Jeju Island who has been visiting her home, reports of her selling her house has surfaced.

In the July issue of Korean magazine, “Women’s JoongAng”, they reported that, “Lee Hyori was not able to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle which she has been seeking which is why she has decided to put her house on sale.”

The magazine adds, “Lee Hyori does not want her personal life to violated any longer. After going to her house, we saw that there were dozens of security systems placed. As soon as you would go near the front door, the alarm would go off. She must have been really stressed.”

“It does not also mean that she would be coming back to Seoul, after confirming, she plans to purchase a lot in Jochun-eup in Jeju Island,” the magazine reveals.

On June 26, a representative from Lee Hyori’s management denied the report through “Ilgan Sports”, “Lee Hyori is not selling her Jeju house. She plans to stay there permanently.”

Ever since Lee Hyori moved to Jeju Island after getting married in 2013, her house has also been featured in MBC variety show “Infinity Challenge”. The number of people visiting her house has also risen since then.

She has sent out a warning for the second time to the tourists who have been visiting her house. She pointed out that her house ‘is not a tourist spot’ and revealed that her family has been stressed of the doorbell which continues to ring day and night.