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Solo artist Lee Hi talks about the perks of being a teen artist on a recent interview with Fuse TV for their “Teen Takeover Week” special broadcast.

Previously, Lee Hi has been chosen as of Fuse TV’s “19 Biggest Teen Musicians of 2016” and became the only Korean artist to be featured on the list.

Lee Hi reveals, “There are a lot of advantages with being a teen artist. Being young means that I have more opportunities to try out, such as different genres of music and different styles in the future.”

When the solo artist was asked about the difficulties of her debut, Lee Hi reveals that since she was still 16 at that time, it was not easy for her to express her opinions. She then reveals, “However, nowadays, I do not have the same difficulties. If I do not speak up and express my thoughts, I know that we will not be able to come up with a great performance.”

Lee Hi then gives a message to others her age by saying, “To those who are having a hard time in finding their dreams and paths to achieve their dreams, I would like to tell them to enjoy the process little more and challenge different things. It may be scary challenging something for the first time, however, throughout the procedure, you would find other sides of yourself.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hi has recently made her comeback with the album, “SEOULITE.”

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