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Comedian and variety star Lee Gook Joo gives her heartfelt advice on a student who aims to lose weight.

On the recent episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” they featured Lee Tae Rim who is a middle school student which follows a very strict diet in order to lose weight. It is said that the student does not eat and does not exercise.

Lee Gook Joo who becomes a guest on the show, gives Lee Tae Rim an advice from her own experiences.

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The comedian reveals, “I also decided to have a diet since I had gained too much weight. I thought that as a woman, I would not want to weigh three digits in kilograms.” She also reveals that she has gained extra kilograms because of her irregular habits due to her busy schedule and that she has lost the weight by eating moderately and by having regular sleeping habits.

Lee Gook Joo advised Lee Tae Rim that she has to exercise instead of having an extremely unhealthy diet.

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“My mother is 154cm, my dad is 167cm, however I am 170cm tall. That is because I always make sure to eat. You are not eating and you are not moving. Right now, your lifestyle is more unhealthy compared to mine. You have to live life differently than me,” says Lee Gook Joo.

She also adds, “You need to learn to love yourself. I may not be beautiful, however I try to be charismatic.”


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