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TV personalities Lady Jane and Hong Jin Ho reveal their current relationship status.

On the recent broadcast of “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the two personalities appeared as guests. DJ Choi Hwa Jung then asks them if they ever thought about dating each other.

To this, former Starcraft professional player Hong Jin Ho then reveals, “It’s not that I do not like Lady Jane, however, I am careful since people talk too much.”

Lady Jane then adds, “If you ever see Hong Jin Ho and I together, the atmosphere would be pretty dry. That is why I wanted to show how it really was. I like him and we get along. That is why it is more uncomfortable to hear those kinds of rumors.”

Hong Jin Ho also adds, “Lady Jane has a lot of charm. She has the kind of character which I like in a woman. Even before I was able to decide for myself, everyone else around me took it too fast. That is why I stopper. I like her as a woman, however Lady Jane likes games too. She has become more like a friend or a ‘dongsaeng’ (little sister) now.”

Previously, Lady Jane and Hong Jin Ho have been swept up with dating rumors, however both of their agencies denied such rumors and revealed that they are just close friends.


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