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LABOUM member Solbin reveals her thoughts about girl group rivals and on dating.

On the LABOUM member’s recent interview and photo shoot with International bnt, she was asked if she considered another girl group as a rival. Solbin then shared, “There is nothing like that. This is not saying that our skills are really great. I learn a lot from watching not only our seniors but as well as our juniors on stage. There are also lots of things that I need to study such as facial expressions and how to take control of the stage. In particular, there is something behind Wonder Girls’ gaze. Their gaze was really sexy during their ‘Why So Lonely’ promotions.”

Solbin also shared what she does during their free time by saying, “I practice at the company. I could not meet my friends and could not go out to play. We are not allowed free time. I think that we will get some freedom once LABOUM gets first place.”

The LABOUM member was also asked about her dating life, to which she revealed, “My last relationship ended a just few months before my debut. I am banned from dating right now. I do not even have my phone. I returned it when I made my debut, and it was decided that I will get it back after winning first place. It was uncomfortable living without a phone. But now, it is actually more comfortable. I take selcas with the manager’s phone. The members take turns when taking photos.”

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