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LABOUM revealed to have raised 20 million won from fan donations for their upcoming comeback.

Previously, the girl group has been revealed to have made a crowd funding campaign through the popular crowd funding platform MakeStar for the production and release of their upcoming song and music video.

Although the group has already reached their goal of $8,261 even before the deadline of the campaign, the funds raised for their music video production has been revealed to have reached over $17,000 or 20 million won which is double from their original target.

LABOUM crowd funding

Moreover, according to the officials from MakeStar, the online donations from almost 200 supporters were received not only from fans in South Korea, but as well as from fans in United States, Japan, China and even Europe.

The fans who have donated funds would then be named as honorary producers for LABOUM’s music videos and would be named in the credits section of the videos. Moreover, the fans would be receiving exclusive video updates and limited edition rewards.

Meanwhile, the deadline for LABOUM’s music video production funding project would be on April 4.

The group made their debut in 2014 under NH Media and Nega Network with their single album “Petit Macaron” with the tracks “Pit-A-Pat” and “What About You?” Their latest release were the singles “Sugar Sugar” and “Aalow Aalow” in 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates on LABOUM’s upcoming music videos!


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