Home » Kwak Si Yang reveals how he felt when Kim So Yeon kissed him

Actor Kwak Si Yang reveals the story regarding the surprise kiss which his “We Got Married” wife Kim So Yeon gave him during the “2015 MBC Entertainment Awards” in an interview with Star News.

The actor reveals, “I got a feeling that she was going to kiss me.”

He also reveals, “On ‘We Got Married,’ we did a fitness wager in order to decide who would take the ending scene for the ‘MBC Entertainment Awards,’ and she lost.”

He also adds, “Before the live broadcast, Kim So Yeon told me, ‘I did not know how this would turn out, so don’t run off.’ So I thought that she might be up to something. What happened next is exactly as you saw it. Kim So Yeon grabbed my head and she kissed me.”

When the actor was asked as to how he felt when he was kissed on a live stage, Kwak Si Yang responds, “I was wondering if we really kissed. It felt a bit surreal. Instead of thinking about the kiss, I felt more relieved that we were able to finish the performance without any kind of problems. You may know, Kim So Yeon and I could not really dance. How many times did you think that we have practiced? We kept telling ourselves, ‘Let us try not to have the choreography or the lyrics wrong.’ Which is why when we thought about how the performance was done and over with. I think we were able to relax. We were not talking about the kiss, we were just happy that we did well on stage.”