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Actor Kwak Si Yang reveals his thoughts regarding the very first time that he met “We Got Married” wife actress Kim So Yeon.

He reveals, “On the first filming, I really had no idea as to who would come out. I have been thinking of combinations. There was an actor-actor couple and singer-singer couple, which is why I thought there could be an actor-singer combination this time. I was really curious on who would come out, then I saw Kim So Yeon. I was surprised and wondered, ‘Why is Kim So Yeon here?’ and ‘Is she my wife?’”

Kwak Si Yang also adds, “When I first saw her, I was very shy. I did not approach her through emotions but through a series of nerves. Since we film every two weeks and whenever I go to filming, there is a bit awkward. But now, sharing a few words makes me feel at ease. It has become natural to hold her hand and I feel that we have become comfortable with each other. We even contact each other when we don’t film.”

Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang 2

Moreover, the actor also addresses the criticisms of “We Got Married” being scripted by saying, “There really is no script. The only thing which is decided on is the topic for the day. Example, when we are having housewarming party on that day, the only thing which we pick up is that the topic which is housewarming. About how we would do the housewarming and on the preparation that we need to do, the two of us would need to discuss it together and do it by ourselves.”