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Koyote female member Shinji reveals how Kim Jong Min helped her when she was in a state of depression.

On the recent broadcast of “Pumpkin Seed,” Shinji reveals how fellow her Koyote member helped her when she was depressed.

Shinji reveals, “Because of my stage fright, I isolated myself for about three years by staying at home. Kim Jong Min was the only one who kept in touch with me during that time.”

She also adds, “He told me that it was because I had a hard time protecting Koyote. He also told me to take it easy since he will be the one who would take care of the group now. Kim Jong Min also said that he will wait for me until I get better.”

Shinji also reveals that Kim Jong Min not only supported her emotionally but as well as financially. She shares, “When I was in a rut because I had no money, Kim Jong Min would send me money without asking any questions.”

She adds, “I spent three years like that. However, because Kim Jong Min seemed to be having a hard time by himself, I tried to pick myself back up.”

Meanwhile, Koyote is three-member dance and hip hop group who is known for their songs “Emergency,” “Disco King,” “1, 2, 3, 4” and “Nonsense.” The group is composed of members Kim Jong Min, Shinji and Bbaek Ga.


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