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Koyote is one of the popular South Korean dance and hip hop groups that consists of three members namely Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji and Bbaek Ga. The group had first debuted in the year 1999 with Shin Ji, Cha Seung in and Kim Goo. As a group, they are known because of their catchy dance and pop songs, that has been the trademark in years. In the year 2005, the group had won the KBS daesang (artist of the year in korea).

Four of the members had left to taken care their own business but there are three who remained for the name.

Current Members:

-       Kim Jong Min, he was the backup dance for Uhm Jung Hwa before he had join the group. He is also the main vocal of the group as well as the most preminent member. In the December 18, 2009, he had successfully finished his military services and is now a member of the Korean show 1Nights 2Days. ]

-       Shin Ji, she is the only female member of the group and had also the only one who has been with Koyote since debut. She had released her own digital single, Always which was later used for the anime game Yogurting. She was also noted for her weight loss in the early 2000s.

-       Bbaek Ga, his real name is Baek Sung Hyun and had joined the group in 2004 for their 6th album and serves as the rapper of the group. Currently he was making his mandatory military service that had started on October 15, 2009. In December 2009, he was diagnosed to have a brain tumor while he is on his service that is why he had to undergo for a brain surgery on January 2010.

Former Members:

-       Cha Seung Min, he was the male vocalist for the group’s first and second album. He had later on left to the Unite States to have his abroad studies.  He was known to be raised in Annandale, Virginia area before he was discovered to become a part of the music scene. After he had left, member Kim Jong Min had replaced him for the group’s third album.

-       Kim Goo, his real name is Kim Won Gi and he was raised in Baltimore Maryland are before he had been discovered to join the group. He was jailed on the year 2002 because of his possession of ecstasy. During that time, the group had performed as a duo until there was another member that had added.

-       Kim Young Wan, he was previously the member of the group cola and the dance team, Friends. He was the one who had replace Kim Goo but he had also quitted later on.

-       Jung Myung Hoon, he is the one who had replaced Kim Young Wan to release their 5th album. He was known to be a previously member of the groups, Oppa and PLT. He had left to serve his compulsory duties for the military.