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PD Kim Tae Hyun of the variety show “Star King” reveals the reason why EXID member Hani cried on recent broadcast.

Previously, Hani has been receiving criticisms from netizens for crying too much on the variety shows which she appears in. Some netizens have even called the idol a ‘cry baby.’ Recently, she has cried after eating bread on “Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chefs” and on “Star King” after doing a yoga pose.

In response to the negative attention around Hani, PD Kim Tae Hyun steps forward and explains the reason why the EXID member shed tears on the recent broadcast of the show.

Hani 2

He reveals, “It was not really featured in the broadcast, however, the yoga teacher’s life has changed because of yoga. The teacher had experienced many hardships in life, however, yoga helped her to overcome them. As a result, this evoked an emotional response in Hani when she was doing a yoga pose.”

PD Kim Tae Hyun also adds, “Only a short clip of the yoga part was broadcasted due to editing. In reality, the exercise lasted for around 30 minutes. Hani was really scared of the yoga pose and failed a lot of times. But, when she had finally succeeded in doing the pose, she have shed tears of joy. After overcoming her fear, she shed tears of joy.”

He also comments, I personally find the response of the netizens to be very unfortunate.”


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