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Actor Kim Sung Min revealed to be in comatose state after attempted suicide.

On June 24, the police report reveals that they have received an emergency call from the son of Kim Sung Min who told them, “My father is beating my mother.”

When the police arrived at Kim Sung Min’s home, his wife told them that they had a minor argument and that they would be staying the night at her parent’s place.

Minutes after, the wife called the police saying, “My husband sometimes talks about killing himself when he drinks. When we argued before, he said that we should separate. I am worried that he might do something out of hand.” She also asked them to check their home again.

The police went to Kim Sung Min’s house again and discovered that he attempted suicide by hanging his neck on a necktie in their bathroom.

The actor was rushed to the hospital but fell into a comatose state.

In 2010, Kim Sung Min was arrested for habitually using methamphetamine and marijuana as well as smuggling marijuana into Korea. He was arrested in 2015 purchasing and ingesting methamphetamine and revealed that his setback was caused by troubles in his marriage and the decline in his acting career.

Meanwhile, Kim Sung Min is known for his roles in the dramas, “The Three Musketeers,” “Can We Get Married,” “What’s for Dinner” and “Couple or Trouble.” He has also starred in the films “The Mafia, the Salesman,” and “I’m Happy.”

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