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Actress Kim Jung Eun opens up about where and how her husband proposed to her.

On the recent broadcast of the SBS show, “Stargram,” Kim Jung Eun appeared as a special guest and shared her beauty tips with the viewers. She also shared the story of her marriage to her non-celebrity boyfriend of three years.

She shares, “We met three or four years ago. He was really passionate that he even asked me to get married within just a month since we met. However, at that time, I was not yet ready to get married. Then, time passed by, and when the best time to get married had arrived, he did not propose.”

Kim Jung Eun also adds, “His father passed away the previous year. Then, one day, he told me that he wanted to tell his father that he is getting married which is why he asked me to go to his father’s grave with him.”

“In there, he said, ‘Father, we are going to get married.’ Then, he proposed to me. Since it was a grave, I was not wearing a dress, and I was just simply wearing exercise clothes with no makeup on. He then told me that he wanted to propose in front of his dad, and he prepared a ring. I cried after hearing his proposal,” shares the actress.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Eun got married to her husband in April of this year in Seoul despite announcing that it would be held in the United States in March of this year.