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Actress Kim Ji Won talks about her ideal type and her hit drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

On a recent interview and photo shoot with International bnt, Kim Ji Won talks about her role in the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun” and her ideal type.

With regards to her role, she reveals, “In order to characterize my soldier role as best as possible, I bravely gave up my long hair for a short hairstyle.”

When asked about the best thing in her role as Yoon Myung Joo in the drama, Kim Ji Won reveals. “Being loved by Seo Dae Young was really the best. He made sacrifices for his one and only woman, because of that he is now my ideal type. When the filming started, I was worried that Jin Goo sunbaenim would be uncomfortable with working with me who is 12 years younger. However, he was actually the best onscreen partner I have ever had.”

With regards to her favorite scene, Kim Ji Won choose Yoo Si Jin’s famous line, “Then save him.”

She further explains, “I was not on the set when the Song-Song couple were shooting that scene. I watched it on TV. That moment when Yoo Si Jin was facing the soldiers and removed his in-ear was really amazing, I even screamed.”

Kim Ji Won

Aside from the “Descendants of the Sun,” Kim Ji Won is also known for her roles on the dramas, “The Heirs” and “To the Beautiful You.”

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