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Kim Go Eun confirmed for the lead role of “Cheese in the Trap” and reveals why she accepted the offer.

In a recent interview, the actress has revealed why she has accepted the offer for the lead role of a webtoon-based tvN drama of the same name.

She reveals, “Director Lee Yoon Jung’s drama ‘Coffee Prince’, is a work which I was sucked into and I have watched repeatedly. I have always wanted to work with her one day and I am very excited to work with her. I have high expectations.”

Kim Go Eun also reveals why the story appealed to her, “I have always had a thirst for romance, and it was not easy to choose a project. With that, ‘Cheese in the Trap’ appealed to me since it is not simply a romantic story. It is also a work which I could be able to think about a person’s complicated thoughts.”

She adds, “It is a very realistic story and I have experienced something quite similar before, which is why, environmentally speaking, I think that I could be more comfortable with the role.”

Although, Kim Go Eun has previously declined the offer for the lead role, she has ultimately decided to accept the offer thanks to the love call from the director and the production team’s willingness to adjust the filming schedules.

Meanwhile, the drama “Cheese in the Trap” is set to air in the middle of October and would be a Monday-Tuesday drama.


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