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SHINee member Key talks about the slump period he had when he first debuted.

On Key’s appearance on the talk show, “As You Say,” the SHINee member had a heart-to-heart conversation with fans.

Key revealed, “Before I begin, I would like to say that I am still 26 years old and know that I may be too young to give a piece of advice to others about how to live. Still, I will tell a story, and I hope that you guys would listen.”

“Back then, a reporter said that SHINee is just like a group of swans that seem to have natural-born elegance. I came home and thought about it. But, I realized that I do not have anything ‘natural-born.’ I wondered which bird I am like the most and then concluded that I am like a chicken,” he shared.

The SHINee member also added, “When I was young, I wanted to be a singer and convince my parents for their support before it is too late. They were against it at first, but they eventually gave in. I kept on getting rejected at auditions and then I finally made it to an audition which was 8000:1 passing rate. I thought that I was a swan then. But, when I made my debut, reality hit me. Among the SHINee members, I was always placed 5th in search engines.”

“That was then I started to doubt myself. I saw myself as a chicken among many swans. I had to admit that I had no competitive edge,” Key revealed.